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  1. Can u give a bass lesson on a song called juicy fruit? By Mtume.

  2. Can u do a video on how 2 play ll cool j? The song called I'm Bad

  3. Mikey810 Carrigan

    sweet man thx

  4. Eric love your tutorials Thankyou

  5. Oh  yeah you gotta do Parliament Funkadelic, Flash light, Dr. Funkenstine!!

  6. Hey Eric thanks for the lessons, I really like the way you explain the notes, question do you have a video on how to play "Stanly Clark & George Duke "  I wanna play for you" bass tabs? If not can you do it for me on funky Friday? Thanks!

  7. EricBlackmonGuitar

    Musician's Friend Bass Guitar Lineup 2015-16 http://go.magik.ly/r/ericblackmonmusic/10ca3/

  8. thank you for this. i was searching for a midi version of this song. i couldnt find one. you have helped immensely. im now playing this on my prophet 5. greetings from greece/australia

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