James Blunt – High – Acoustic Guitar Lesson – How To Play

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James Blunt – High – Acoustic Guitar Lesson – How To Play Brett Papa Papastache papastachepop papastasche102
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  1. 0:58 was scary.
    Looks like a glitch in MK ultra. just kidding

  2. best tutorial!

  3. Thank you.I understand now.

  4. can you do a lesson of the only one of james blunt

  5. playing it is easy, singing and playing it is a whole other story!!

    But great tutorial!!

  6. Thanks for the tutorial. Using Epiphone AJ-220s, my guitar – for some reason sounds much more dull/broad on higher frets, accentuating the lower notes… Not sure, what could be wrong? Using medium strings, guitar is tuned…

  7. Thank you so much love this song love this tutorial

  8. Nikola Todorovic

    Can you play this without a capo? :/

  9. Thanks! 

  10. Christian Baglieri

    Flashé que era Alejandro Lerner jajajaja

  11. Carlos Israel Nieblas

    Amazing tutorial dude 🙂 thanks a lot!

  12. pleasse do a tutorial of Lazarus by Porcupine Tree

  13. @5:10 what's the name of that new chord shape? going from Am to ??

    Thanks again

  14. @3:33 B11 chord

  15. tks for your upload

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