James Burton Guitar Lesson – Lead Guitar Lesson in the style of James Burton – EP161

To view the Part 2 video and to download the MP3 jam track (in 2 tempos) access the tablaure, and view the interactive tab viewer, visit

In this guitar lesson, you’ll learn how to play a James Burton style lead on electric guitar. James Burton has played with just about everyone, from Rick Nelson to Elvis Presley. His unique style of playing is a perfect blend of country and blues. I hope you enjoy!
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  1. Vojtěch Šalbaba

    Great lesson as always – are you wearing contacts now?

  2. One of the true greats – James Burton. Great lesson from Active Melody as usual well worth subscribing to, fully recommended!

  3. This lesson is a stellar example of why we are members at Active melody, classic explanation of why it works and where we are on the fretboard. The background in why and where a great innovator like James Burton works, helps so much, when built on the basics I've learned at the site.

  4. I'd be perfectly happy as a guitar player…. to be 1/5th as good as Brian.

  5. Guys do yourself a favour and subscribe to the lessons on Active Melody! I have learnt a lot from the lessons. this is one I want to try, but the speed and bends with vibrato are not my favourite things hahahah. Cheers from a happy premium member.

  6. Great lesson, nice Tele.

  7. Great explanation… Just what I've been needing… Thanks…

  8. Very good as usual. Would like to see more of this type of licks located in your video at 20:27 and 23:45. Thanks!

  9. Excelente

  10. Oh boy!!!

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