James Taylor – Fire and Rain – How to Play on Acoustic Guitar Lesson – Finger Picking Guitar

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  1. This was great, thank you!

  2. What a couple of Bozo's. My question is…which side of the guitar do the strings go ? Front or back. Just a thought….some things are better learned by experience.

  3. This guy is dope, not Marty lmfao

  4. Thank you, I have learned so much!

  5. Very nice

  6. Sebastian Hopper

    What kind of pickgaurd do you have on your SG, whenever I go through the Gibson website I can never find an sg with that type of pickgaurd. If it is a pickgaurd that you put on there can you show me where to get it. Tat this is pretty cool lookin.

  7. What guitar is John  Konesky playing?  I recently bought one in an antique store with (what seems like) identical rings around the sound hole and no position makers on fretboard.

  8. What guitar is that Kones? Thanks for this.

  9. Absolutely beautiful fingerpicking from Kones. I love the guitar in this song

  10. what

  11. Thanks Cones. really appriciate you helping us out, you have a great easy style of teaching. Very frendly and modest….you are very tallented. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Brennan Van Spankeren

    Whats the strum pattern at the end of the chorus?

  13. O.O soooo tricky. I will get this! 

  14. how in the heck do you practice and REACH that pinky bass line in the chorus? That classical looks like its about 2 inches wide at the nut, I thought my 1.75 inch Taylor was hard!

  15. Marty always looks like he has cheese curl dust in his teeth…

  16. Great lesson.  Simple and to the point.  Nothing overly fancy.  I love it!  I'm now on my way to becoming an old rock star!!

  17. what happened at 4:22  and at 8:38 ? :)

  18. Anyone else catch the back masking after he says "devil horns" at 8:36?

  19. what guitar is that ? is it short scale?

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