James Taylor on playing and technique: exclusive video for Guitarist magazine

Featured in Guitarist issue 396
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  1. Are the sides rosewood ? Looks like mahogoni to me.

  2. What a Passionate Genius!!

  3. Who is this guy?

  4. The guys licks are gold, the guitar doesn't hurt either…

  5. I build guitars and can say that he has nailed a really great acoustic guitar sound. Cedar top. Rose wood back.

  6. In his guitar playing, I love the combination of his warm tone with the slightly percussive, "chomping" style he uses.  He's unique that way.

  7. What he plays from 2:40 to 3:24 — I could listen to hours and hours of that.

  8. can listen to James talk and play all day…what an inspiration and all around awesome guy

  9. Even James Taylor has string noise when sliding up and down. Love the sound of that guitar.

  10. I like him but he's no elliott smith

  11. Man he not great at explaining shit lmao

  12. I love James Taylor's music, BUT…. chewing gum during an interview? Nah, not cool. Aside from it being bad manners, it makes him look like a toothless old man chewing at his gums.

  13. I dont use a pick, so my thumb, pointer &middle fingernails stay worn down to a quick. What kind of artificial "bionic" nails is he putting over his own nails. I thought about having fake nails put on just the nails that getting torn.

  14. I just laughed at the thought of JT wanting to djent his wound strings…

  15. I think this is totally boring! Taylor doesn't have the knack of explaining himself well.

  16. I met James back in 1990 in of all places Tokyo, Japan. Just a great humble human being. Some of the first songs I ever learned to cover were his. A true legend of a songwriter.

  17. Anyone know what nails he uses?

  18. Taylor is boring and tedious. He's like an old woman.

  19. An 8 string baritone would seem an obvious match to his voice, or maybe just a 6 string baritone.

  20. Did he actually mention Jimmy Nail?

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