Jane’s Addiction – Jane Says – Easy Acoustic Songs on Guitar – Free Guitar Lessons

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  1. Creative Matrix

    The other guy that showed the chords dragged it on for 5 minutes …you went right there…great work

  2. The dudud part sounds like dido when your muting the strings.

    I almost busted out my bongos.

  3. Steven Sparkes

    Dude Awesome !!! easy and definately my kind of jams janes addiction was the first tape i recorded from a live radio concert when i was like 11 and now i can play it so Thank You!!!

  4. Jeff Guitar Nelson

    G/F# diad to an A7 walk down into chorus. Notes. A E G C# E 2nd fret.

  5. I Like the fact that you also make mistakes…thanks for all the info

  6. You're awesome and also my savior. I'm trying my hand at guitar seriously for the first time and your videos always make a great deal of sense to me. Thanks for existing, man!

  7. Am I the only guy here who's having some trouble with the 2nd fret of the B string when it comes to playing the A major chord ?

    I can press the other frets just fine, I'm only struggling to get my index finger to press the 2nd fret of the B string (when it comes to A major).

  8. so funny. all the lesson videos on how to play this song are always wrong.

  9. when i am looking to learn a song along the way, i forego everyone else and scan for your vids first. thank you so much

  10. It's also simple to play on bass

  11. Alex Morrisseau


  12. Víctor Castro

    Yo 're the best Marty. Thanks

  13. is so hard to make it smooth

  14. Giulio Strammiello

    in the chorus of the song the D chord and Dsus2 is completely wrong! you play after the G chord, simply an A7 chord!

  15. It's a good lesson, but I would definitely add the live intro chords as well – there's an intro section with D/G/C (when Perry goes "mmm-bop, mmm-bububu-bop") that precedes these chords that start with the G which is basically the verse and chorus chord progression.

  16. awesome tutorial, I'm a newbie guitar player, and I learned this in 2 hours!

  17. I think there is a part in there where instead of a down down down on the g chord he goes down up down up switch to a down up up down up down up. I swear it sounds like he occasionally switches the strumming pattern

  18. What is the strumming patern of the second part ? I can't seem to get it right.

  19. Chardo Guitardo

    Thanks Bro, I literally just picked up the guitar (3
    weeks in) and this is the second song I learned thanks to you! Subscribed!

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