Jason Mraz – I Won’t Give Up – How to Play Acoustic Songs on Guitar – Acoustic Guitar Lessons

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  1. how do you play the part at 3:30?

  2. can we get the strumming patterns?!.please,I need it on Monday morning for my final exam

  3. Silvermist neoncloud

    Thanks Marty! 🙂

  4. can u play savin me by Nickelback

  5. Thankyou!!!

  6. Lovely sounding ~

  7. fingerings for B suspended???

  8. wow , love the lesson but mostly the beginnig of the video

  9. Does anyone have the picking written in tablature?

  10. Strumming Pattern pleaseeee

  11. Standard tuning?

  12. Sooooo… I think it's physically impossible for me to make a B major chord

  13. Loreleen Martinez


  14. davidjohn macas

    wow so amazing

  15. your timing is right on… the song just happened to be playing in the background on TV and your timing was bang on to the vocla

  16. thank you your guitar lesson r always cool.

  17. jonas gabriel de los reyes

    your so helpful marty

  18. Ruffa Mae Mendoza

    can you please do a tutorial of the gift

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