Jason Mraz – I’m Yours – Acoustic Guitar Lesson – Tutorial – Chords Rhythm

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  1. also thank you for all that you do …you given a lot to this world with your teachings

  2. Hi Marty…you are literally my guitar teacher lol …I was wondering if you know a blues legend named R L Burnside …his music is great ..if you can teach a few of his work it would be great…if not then I would still recommend you check him out…his style is mesmerising to say the least

  3. hey Marty can u do a video of how far is heaven by Los lonely boys please?!

  4. Thank you Marty!!!!

  5. I would love to learn to play Yours. Russell Dickerson.

  6. thank you for the lesson you are the best Marty.

  7. somewhere over the rainbow ;)

  8. hey Marty, you and your videos have been a huge part of my guitar learning journey over the past 2 odd years, thank you so much for sharing the knowledge! much love from South Africa! :)

  9. your tutorial is the best :3

  10. I'm glad you moved on from guitar jamz, actually. It seems a lot more personal, and I feel you put in more effort on your own.

  11. my fingers are short

  12. this is hard for me so fast :(

  13. Could you do a lesson on Gavin DeGraw I don't wanna be or paulo natini new shoes please

  14. whoa, this was uploaded on my birthday!

  15. Mocha tf2 player

    Do Jason Mraz' new songs. Those one are so awesome!

  16. Love this song! Thanks Marty, you are the best! Keep it up, love the new channel :D

  17. thank you very much for all the videos you have made. Any time I want to learn a song I tried to find a video with you teaching it 1st. I've tried to learn songs from other you youtubers but you make it so much easier. I would like to request H.O.L.Y by Florida georgia line not many lessons on it I'm having a hard time with it. I want to learn it for my pregnant wife she absolutely loves it. thanks again, Steve

  18. Jan Marpaul Lobigas

    All out of love 😀 please..

  19. I suggest The Sound of Silence by Simon and Garfunkel. It would be cool if you can get that!

  20. Welcome back.  Marty – youtube sensation!   My wife's gonna like this one if I can get it down!  Thanks.

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