Jazz Blues with Walking Bass (Guitar Lesson JA-203) How to play

An excellent intro to Jazz Walking Bass using a Jazz Blues in Bb. Slowly and clearly explained.

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  1. Hi Justine. Can you play a chord/melody of I've Got You Under My Skin with some walking bass (or quasi walking bass due to the complexity of chord/melody)? I can play a chord/melody version but with not much hint of movement in the bass. Thanks for your marvelous tutorials.

  2. Thanks Justine for the pdf download.

  3. Justin you really are a genius at teaching. I watched a ton of Walking Bass videos even by bass players and it was just horrible random stuff, you just go "this and that, this is how you play it" boom next thing I'm playing walking bass progression, dammit Justin

  4. HotRodSixString

    Sweet lesson . I feel hip now . I'm gonna have to get some pin stripes added to my guitar .

  5. ilario

  6. Great lesson, very informative!

  7. guitarremuneration

    Thanks for the lesson!

  8. thanks for the lesson ,Good bless,,,

  9. Thank you for this lesson. It has been very helpful.

  10. if you add "7" it will be "7th"s 🙂 11 is like adding a 3rd higher octave…I'm a beginner by the way. (If you look at triads and arpeggios, you'll easily understand it. It's not a big deal)…

    Additional: If you replace a 3rd with 2nd, it becomes sus2, if you replace 3rd with 4th it becomes sus4…Diminished is: flatted 5th of a minor, augmented is sharpened 5th of a major…

  11. Here's a basic jazz blues progression with a twist: Bb7 (4 beats) Eb7 (2) Edim7 (2) Bb7 (4) Fm7 (2) E7 (2); Eb7 (4) Edim7 (4) Dm7 (4) G7+9 (4) Cm7 (4) B7, then a 3-6-2-5 turnaround. Check out "Runnin' Blues" by Boz Scaggs. It's a very nice medium swing jazz shuffle, and a perfect lesson for jazz blues. Enjoy.

  12. hey justin, can you make a lesson about some bebop basics? yould be veeeery interesting. Thanks

  13. i can't seem to find it on your website, it stops at JA-031

  14. more jazz

  15. Kostya Kanishev

    @JustinSandercoe Hi, thank you for great lessons. There is a misprint in the title of the video — I think it should be JA-203 instead of JA-032.

  16. Justin, I cant find the tabs on your website 🙁 Please help !

  17. Thanks a lot Justin. You're very helpful, thanks to You I am finding new things every day, and without your lessons on jazz I'd probably never learn chords properly 🙂

  18. People, this is why you put your kids in music lessons at a young age. Justin is such a nice guy, he's very competent but does not have a big head despite having mad skills. Such hard work and concentration will keep the kids busy enough that they won't be distracted by lots of stupid stuff, and attaining these skills gives them incredible confidence, allowing them to approach life's challenges with a mature outlook. What a great example you are, Justin. Thanks for all the lessons.

  19. I'm a rocker but I have been interested in theory lately. Jazz is very helpful in taking your theory to the next level. I love walking bass line lessons. Please do another one.
    They are more interesting than just chords. Add some theory. Thanks, Chris

  20. very usefull lesson man!! thanks, helps a lot!!

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