Jazz Guitar Chord Melody: Blue in Green (with improvisation) – Jazz Guitar Lesson

Jazz Guitar Chord Melody: Blue in Green (with improvisation) – Jazz Guitar Lesson

Here’s a performance of the chord melody arrangement for the great standard Blue in Green found on the JazzGuitarLessons.net website. You can find the PDF with all the info on this page :

Of course, I don’t just play the “plain vanilla” chord melody: you can hear some Jazz guitar improvisation right after. There was no second take, so please be merciful. No safety net! 🙂

Note what I am saying in the first 2 minutes of the video: the form on which I improvise is NOT exactly the same as the melody form. In fact, chords go by twice as fast. Listen to the album Kind of Blue (Miles Davis), you’ll hear what I mean:

About chord melody arrangements of standards found on the website: note that each chord melody on JazzGuitarLessons.net has

-the leadsheet (chord symbols + melody),
-the chord melody arrangement (played in the video here)
-a basic chord chart (basic guitar shapes for you to use.)

You can see all the Jazz guitar Standards here:

Here’s the Youtube playlist for all the “chord melody” demos:

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  1. anybody know what type of guitar this is?

  2. Emilio Alvarez Argamasill

    Beatyfull arrangement!

  3. Malte Puttfarken

    I should probably learn my music theory before asking this question: how is the first chord a Gm13 when it contains only one note of the Gm and the 13th note of the Gm-scale isn't even in it?

  4. would you play like this if you were doing a solo gig? I'm currently getting a repertoire together and just wondering about how to arrange the tunes. mostly so it seems like a coherent package if you will the audience can get down with.

  5. Luís Bettinelli

    That´s good. I´m studying for my next video and now I think I´m in the correct way. Thanks!

  6. I have 3 sets of chords for this tune. all the basic chords are the same but one version has b9 's and the other has #9 ' s on the same chord!. on has D7 and on the same chord the other has DmMaj7! which one is it. i wish someone would just write down the bloody chords properly

  7. very well played sir

  8. Jazz Guitar Lessons

    Thanks. I improvised; no predetermined solo (or licks). Just spur-of-the-moment melodies. I may have shot more than one take, though. (-:

  9. تریو مریو

    Oh man! You play beautifully!! Thank you! As expressive as Rosenwinkel! Did you solo on the spot or was it an arrangement?

  10. Jazz Guitar Lessons

    Ahhhhh merci! You should hear my A-game. (-:

  11. I knew your lessons, but only now do I see how beautifully you play. Mes compliments!

  12. Jazz Guitar Lessons

    Ouin … surtout que c'est la première fois que je l'attends celle-là.

  13. Jean-Philippe Lessard

    Simon-Olivier Fecteau a tous les talents.

  14. Many thanks – you've got me thinking – will check out your website for sure!

    Very very helpful.

  15. Jazz Guitar Lessons

    And to summarize: you don't have to learn a lot if you can get a lot of mileage from just 2-3 scales.

  16. Jazz Guitar Lessons

    Oh, and also, I like to give a lot of attention to the dominant 7th scales. You can find them on different degrees of the major and melodic minor (they're modes) … see the theory section on JazzGuitarLessons -dot- net

  17. Jazz Guitar Lessons

    How many scales… ? We'll, if you can relativize a little bit I believe only a few. Say the major and melodic minor (first) and what you can derive from them. Remember, a 7-note scale means there's seven unique modes to be obtained from it. Then the pentatonic, as you mentionned, and variations on them (see Bergonzi for that).

  18. I play mainly by Ear & sometimes TAB….Question – – approximately How Many Scales should I know (beside major, minor, pentatonic and blues scales) to do Jazz?

    Thanks! I really dig your videos!

  19. Good. First version I've seen on the right track to playing the tune correctly. I'll be posting more about the definitive "Portrait In Jazz" takes of this great Bill Evans tune. Stay Tuned.

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