Jazz Guitar Chord Melody: Stella by Starlight (with improvisation) – Jazz Guitar Lesson

Jazz Guitar Chord Melody: Stella by Starlight (with improvisation) – Jazz Guitar Lesson

Here’s a performance of the chord melody arrangement for the great standard Stella Starlight found on the JazzGuitarLessons.net website. You can find the PDF with all the info on this page :

Stella By Starlight

Of course, I don’t just play the “plain vanilla” chord melody: you can hear some Jazz guitar improvisation right after. There was no second take, so please be merciful. No safety net! 🙂

About chord melody arrangements of standards found on the website. Note that each chord melody on JazzGuitarLessons.net has

-the leadsheet (chord symbols + melody),
-the chord melody arrangement (played in the video here)
-a basic chord chart (basic guitar shapes for you to use.)

You can see all the Jazz guitar Standards here:

Jazz Guitar Standards

Here’s the Youtube playlist for all the “chord melody” demos:

Also, don’t forget to subscribe to JazzGuitarLessons.net’s Youtube Channel:


  1. Thank you for sharing this video and pdf. These new chords helps me on comprehension about melody lines and improvisation in this path.

  2. Hi Marc, could you please suggest a book with  guitar comping and lyrics of jazz standards. I wanna play the guitar and sing.

  3. Quite a moving interpretation indeed.  I've been wondering for a while now, and never found a complete nor statisfying answer to my interrogation : when improvising in chord melody, do you find the voicings according to where your hand happens to be at the moment you want to produce a specific chord or is it the other way round (do you follow more or less closely the changes and improvise in the closest position to the voicings (or in anticipation of them). I don't know if I'm being clear here…

  4. Wonderful arrangement and great playing. Many thanks for the sheet music!

  5. Hi Marc! Thanks for sharing this one. Another great chord/melody rendition of this tune on guitar by Master Martin Taylor: Martin Taylor performs "Stella by Starlight" 

  6. Inspirational playing Marc- beautiful music, thank you for sharing this!

  7. Totally impressed!  You give this old standard new life.   I clicked "like" and will subscribe.   Mellow jazz on nylon strings is tops!      Thanks!

  8. Marc-Andre…

    This is inspirational…and what a switch from the Gibson with pick to a Nylon – finger picking. "Look Ma…No Pick !"

    You came up with a spectacular "sounded classical" ending chord –
    Bbmaj6#11 = Gm6 I think !

    Here's another variation that seems to fit your idea
    BbMaj6/9#11 = C/Bb at 5th fret Position…Bill Evans trick.

    N'est ce-pas ?
    Thanks again for sharing so much of your know-how…


  9. Truly beautiful playing. And terrific instruction too. Thank you!

  10. eres muy muy muy buen guitarrista felicitaciones.

  11. pero porque pones esa cara tan fea?

  12. Whoah, good work! The chords on the last B were sick!

  13. Nice sound and the PDF is great. Thanks for sharing both!

  14. http://www.takamine.com/themes/pdf/EC132SCspec.pdf

    650 millimeters
    25-9/16 inches
    So now we know.

  15. are you a vocalist as well as a guitarist? or do you have perfect pitch? did you develop the ability to sing what you're improvising for a certain purpose?

  16. Hi, I just found out that you have several chord melodies in your site. I had just a couple of them. Now I have many. Thank you very very much for your hard work and for helping us mere mortals to play (or at least to try to play) some jazz standards. It would be great, if you have the time, to post vídeos of each tune (I believe you posted some which I am going to watch). Thanks again. Love your work. Cheers from Brazil.

  17. Very nice.
    What is the scale of that guitar ?

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