Jazz Guitar: How to Play Tenor Madness – melody + chord melody + etc. – Jazz Guitar Lesson Bb Blues

Jazz Guitar: How to Play Tenor Madness - melody + chord melody + etc. - Jazz Guitar Lesson Bb Blues

Jazz Guitar: How to Play Tenor Madness – melody + chord melody + etc. – Jazz Guitar Lesson

In this lesson, we’ll cover how to play the Jazz blues tune “Tenor Madness”, a Sonny Rollins composition on Jazz guitar. You’ll learn how to play the bare-bone melody (fingerings explained) and the “chord melody” version created by yours truly for JazzGuitarLessons.net

You can find the PDF with all the info on this page :

Tenor Madness

In this video, you’ll also have the opportunity to practice what you learn at two different tempos (play along with the teacher, sort-of).

And for “dessert”: your teacher let’s loose at the end of the video for an impromptu performance of Tenor Madness … no safety net. One take. Melody, chord melody, comping, soloing … and lots of fun! 🙂

Direct link to the PDF file here:

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  1. Jazz Guitar Practise

    Tenor madness played in all 12 keys on guitar:) https://youtu.be/Rz_I7aDkmFM

  2. Salut Mr Marc ! Yes great lesson ty 🙂 I also do the same fingering on gigs 🙂 Try Sonny 4th chorus from Tenor Madness altho it wasnt improvised. Lick starts at the end of 3th chorus and it is pretty 12 bars 🙂 Sonny Rollins 4th chorus from Tenor Madness is – for me – the best blues lick lol well it wasnt improvised it was similar to Bird Cherokee he worked that all his life, But i ve learned that chorus from Sonny Rollins and i think Coltrane lose that battle 🙂

  3. nice man , great lesson, great playing

  4. ryukisillybastardu

    Salut Marc, je suis entrain d'apprendre cette musique, tu me l'avais conseillé dans un cours gratuit. Je passe du blues au jazz pour la première fois, le problème vient quand j'essais de décortiquer les gammes et accords utilisés durant ton solo. Peut-être pourrais-tu faire une partie deux, sur le comping et l'impros de tenor madness. Mais de toute façon on va surement se reparler, j'aimerais bien prendre un cours payant cette fois. Merci pour tous ces vidéos. 🙂

  5. Mark Howanessian

    Great videos, but..
    I'd love to know what guitar you're playing. I fall in love many years ago with a guitar looking exact the same (LUK 'Skywalker') but they don't make it anymore.

    Regards Mark

  6. Thanks mate, will perform it this weekend.

  7. Thank you, merci Marc. C'est vraiment un plaisir de voir une leçon de jazz conduite si fraichement. Tu es une lumière !!!

  8. thank you man for this lesson!!!

  9. Marc, Great lesson and nice free music / tab .. Thanks

  10. NICE TELE MAN!!!!!!!!!

  11. Great lesson, Marc! And I love your guitar, beautiful make.

  12. Hi Marc, wow what a great performance, thank You very much

  13. Hi Marc 🙂 , i want to thank you for your lessons and your invaluable
     help so Thank you yo do a great job

  14. Sweet music great lessons here. Thanks for sharing with us!!

  15. Good man Marc

  16. Great lesson, thank you for posting. CB

  17. Awesome lesson. Thank you!

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