Jazz guitar lesson: Chord Melody

Jazz guitar lesson: Chord Melody

Arranging chord melody is discussed in this 9 minute spot. designed for anyone interested learning in this style of jazz guitar. Discussion includes:
*Harmonized scales
*Selecting chords
*Voice leading
*Jazz resources
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  1. Warren Hodgkinson

    Really, really excellent style of teaching. Absolutely brilliant in conveying the musical ideas across. Thanks!

  2. I thought this was very useful, really well explained step be step. Plus it would have been easy to go off track with subs etc for the single notes not played against a chord. A really great piece of work.

  3. I took 2 jazz theory classes, loved them. No discredit to the teacher (he was a pianist) but you tied the bow on about a ton of knowledge I was gifted. Thanks dude that was nice.

  4. Sub'd because you are FREAKING AWESOME! Thank you for the explanation. Perfect. To the point! Finally! Finally! Finally!

  5. hello,Jack Alger here.Any chance you could lay out a bit more chord melody for the first video on Smoke Gets in Your Eyes as per your posted June 22nd 2008-
    Thanks Teamregal.ja@gmail.com

  6. Anyone here can explain how he substituted that 4 chord from AbMaj7 to C7#9?Kinda lost here.Thanks

  7. Hello do it again. Wanted to thank you for sharing the a section and basic info on chord solo for smoke gets in your eyes. I was wondering if there  is a chance you might using the same tune get into a bit more development of the chorus in one of your great discussions of this topic.
    Thanks again Jack Alger

  8. Nice lesson! I'll be looking at this one some more!

  9. nice lesson – thanks

  10. FINALLY!!!!! Someone, who can ACTUALLY break it DOWN!!! And explain it RIGHT! To those of us whom haven't had any theory training. Keep'em coming! And do you have email or web site?

  11. "…the melody notes should be on the last two strings. You shouldn't need to go any higher than that."

  12. very interesting, I was playing in melody chord completely by ear and now I can understand theory to make a better job, thanks a lot!

  13. Thanks for giving

  14. What a great introduction for me. I know just enough to follow [slowly] what you're teaching, but it's a great start for me. And thanks SO much for the fine tips of keeping the melody on the 2 top strings & the Chord Chemistry book for a reference. You're an excellent teacher.

  15. Very good lesson, thank you so much.
    it's for me a very good starting point for playing melodies and arrangements !!
    got to work with !

  16. Massive tone

  17. Hey! Its you! McMuffin

  18. i think in theory you could pianotize the tune so the melody can be played on top of the chord progressions but i find if you stray too far the original song is lost.

  19. I'm curious as to how he chose a C7#9 altered dom7 chord for the chord he needed to get the "Eb" note in his melody. The vi chord in Eb major is C minor, and while it sounds good, how would a beginner know to use a chord NOT in the key? I certainly understand that the note "Eb" (theory-wise D# is the #9 but why nit pick) is the #9 of the C7#9 chord, but what made him choose to make the C minor chord into a secondary dominant? He really should explain THAT choice in more detail for beginners.

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