Jazz guitar lesson Summertime style learn melody chord comping ideas George Gershwin inspired

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Learn Nightwish inspired guitar power chords and lick ideas Amaranth style lesson

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  1. lancelot wilson

    Hello Dave , the tone of this guitar sound great. What model guitar is this ?

  2. thanks dude

  3. very helpful, added to my repatoire of Jazz tunes.

  4. Great lesson and great playing.

  5. Digin this man.  Thanks for the hard work you guys put in to help us string addicts out!  ROCK ON.

  6. Malcolm Stewart

    right here in SANDY EGGO california

  7. really great lesson. only thing that would make it perfect is if Mike can explain some of the theory behind what he is playing. just enough for us noobies to understand why he is using a certain chord or what scale is the lick coming from

  8. that tone is terrible

  9. Agostino Parisi

    Bravissimo  !    :-)

  10. Nathaniel Ritter

    Does Mike or any of the other guys have their own channels?

  11. Great sound, really smooth.

  12. Really Great Stuff!

  13. it s like emily remlers version from bebop and swing guitar. 

  14. great lesson – however: you always need a bass player 😉 

  15. for such a rock looking dude damn you play jazz well. Love your lessons man keep em comin

  16. what is this for a guitar?
    that 's sound is cool

  17. what is this for a guitar?
    that 's sound is cool

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