Jazz Guitar: Turn your chords into chord melody! – Jazz Guitar Lesson

Jazz Guitar: Turn your chords into chord melody! - Jazz Guitar Lesson

Jazz Guitar: Turn your chords into chord melody! – Jazz Guitar Lesson

Ted Greene said : harmonize your melodies, melodize your chords!
(I’m paraphrasing here)

Ever wondered how to play nice chord melody arrangements like the jazz guitar legends? Are you looking for what “shapes” to use to accompany melodies from great jazz standards?

I believe a great starting point is to find many uses for the same chord. In this short video, I’ll show you how to find *melodic* possibilities inside common jazz guitar chord shapes.

Highly recommended, Ted Greene’s “Modern Chord Progressions” book here: http://amzn.to/SPDtT5

You start trying to melodize your chords (and harmonize your melody) with a selection of pre-arranged jazz guitar standards. Chord melody + chord shapes included in every PDF:

See the website for TONS of free jazz guitar lessons:


  1. this was really helpful others just show you what to do.you explain as you are showing us what to do.

  2. QUBECOIS!!!!!!!! HELLZZ YEA 😀

  3. then teach us! 😉

  4. jordyplaysguitar .

    nice vid thanks-i just bought the same guitar-love it!

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    @rabmusic2 And thanks!

  6. @jazzguitarlessonsnet hah the brain is a funny device

  7. @kentmontero13 check out carl verheyen, early mike stern, jeff beck… list goes on

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    @PureChewnage Nice. I'm glad you liked it! I rewatched recently and I think I'm learning new things myself (that I probably forgort over time, you know?!) (-:

  9. wicked video, its exactly what i was looking for

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    @StromboliKicks Thanks for watching!

  11. thanks!

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    @kentmontero13 Hello and thank you. I believe a good musician can play "nicely" on any instrument! It's not what it is, it's how you play it. (-: I personally like solid bodied guitars VERY much and I've played telecasters (or copies)

  13. @jazzguitarlessonsnet nice video.. can i ask that… i have a Fender Strat is it okay if i play jazz nicely?.

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  15. hey great vid!

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  17. Great video, Thanks for posting.

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