Jazz Guitar Walking Bass w/ Chords example

Demonstration with instruction on I-VI-ii-V walking bass and chords. First eight measures of Rhythm Changes in the key of Bb
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  1. Thank you kindly sir

  2. I think even i make a slomo of this i would not still catch up

  3. Thanks for not being a snob and including chord diagrams! (although watching you perform at the beginning of video you have every right to be a snob!). Great lesson, lots of advanced chords for us struggling intermediates.

  4. damn, this needs an extensive knowledge of modes and progressions I guess, it's easy just to copy, but it's very hard when it comes to making your own

  5. This is awesome- Thanks!

  6. That burns

  7. Can this used (in modified) to standard pop chord progression song ?

  8. SUPERB !!!

  9. omg thanks 🙂

  10. давид огородник

    Thak you very much. i am from Ukrain and happy see this Jazz Guitar Walking Bass. And plees take new/ This good music

  11. That is amazing! Bravo! Fantastic!

  12. jesus christ

  13. try playing as loud as your speaking voice maybe we can hear the bassline a little bit

  14. Ha! I successfully use it to show off with my rock buddies 😀

  15. Michael Jay McGowan

    Lovely guitar

  16. wooow greaaaat..!

  17. Fantastic lesson, many thanks!

  18. 2:16 tab says 5-4 but its 6-5 on e string. btw, excellent lesson man thanks

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