Jazz Walking Bass On Autumn Leaves Sound-Alike – Guitar Lesson [JA-523]

In this guitar lesson we’re going to check out walking a bass for my original composition “Fall Off Trees” which happens to have the same chords as the jazz standard Autumn Leaves. There is a TAB on the web site which you really need to get a hold of to do this lesson (GuitarPro file also available!!).

TAB: http://justinguitar.com/en/JA-520-AutumnLeaves-JazzStandard.php

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  1. there is a guitar pro file on your page which has gpx format… i have guitar pro 5 i am not able to open that file..

  2. Thank you! :-)

  3. Inspiring. Wish I had of got into this stuff ages ago. Cheers man

  4. Thanks Justin!!! Cool Stuff!

  5. Muito legal, irmão! Obg. por compartilhar!

  6. Джино Джейдан

    Dat intro made me smile 😀 Cool video bruh :DD

  7. guitar with jazz

  8. Stuff like this in the www makes me wondering, who watches a TV now-a-days.. Thnx!

  9. If anyone's stuck on this like I 110% were, I strongly suggest watching and following JustinGuitar's other video
    'Jazz Standard: Autumn Leaves – Chords (Guitar Lesson JA-520)'
    It'll make this lesson a lot easier for you to understand!


  10. Thank you man, this is incredibly useful and motivating for me!

  11. Great lesson, do you accept bitcoin donations?

  12. Youtube is a big place, with SO many links n lessons n stuff, but here – RIGHT HERE – is where it's at!  Love your lessons Justin, esp the ones where you throw in some walking bass on a Jazz progression like this one.  Love love love!!  Please do as many of these as you can, simply awesome stuff.

  13. Sr…i love you, thanks a million

  14. Thanks for making it all free!

  15. hey, this is awesome. but can i assume that this is not following the chord structure. or are you harmonizing?

  16. Thanks a lot Justin's these videos are very helpful man, and I'm diggin the flat caps, anyways great job man I love it!

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