Jefferson Airplane Electric Guitar Solo Lesson SOMEBODY TO LOVE How To Play Woodstock 1969

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  1. Thank you Eric. You can give a link to tabs ?

  2. Thank you so much, one of my favorites will learn it soon!

  3. Thanks, Eric.

  4. One of my favorite songs from the '60s and one of my favorite guitar solos of all time. Great job.

  5. Ivar The Boneless

    Great vid! I struggled mightly to figure out all the notes and phrasing on my own, and had got maybe 95% of it, but this vid showed me a different and easier way while providing the missing notes to make it sound like the original. The position shifts and bends used in the vid give it just the right amount of "fatness". Just one thing to note for the final phrase – if you pull off from that final F# (B string, 7th fret) to the E (B string 5th fret) you'll get the phrase's completeness that's on the record.

    What's sorta weird is that in all the live versions that I'm aware of, Kaukonen always played the part covered from 6:23 to 7:50 different from the studio version, so you'll never get the studio version fingerings watching an old Airplane vid.


    well done many thanks i really like that you are to the point easy to follow well placed fret board clear voice articulate

  7. Thank You, great lesson.

  8. Hey Eric, what effect /pedal do they use on that solo to get that swing effect?

  9. Thank you so much Eric ! Great Job !
    Loads of luv from London, UK 🙂

  10. Big help – great lesson!

  11. Just wanted to say thank you so much, for making such a brilliant lesson on this song. 🙂

  12. Nice one !! Could you do a vid on the licks of the Lead guitar ?

  13. great tutorial ty so much , jorma so under appreciated

  14. Outstanding lesson. Very well explained, and presented. Not sure if your a better guitar player, or teacher, but either way your great. Thanks!!

  15. great solo lesson….slow and to the point.  I was confused at first with your tabs then realized they were in reverse of the ones I'd been using before with the base E at the bottom and A D G B  with high E at the top….once I figured that out, it made sense.  Thanks.

  16. Thank you so much for this lesson. I had been looking to learn this since a while ago.

    Best Regards!

  17. desde Argentina: gracias!

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