Jimi Hendrix – Fire – How to Play on Electric Guitar – Tutorial – Classic Rock – Strat

Jimi Hendrix -  Fire  - How to Play on Electric Guitar -  Tutorial  - Classic Rock -  Strat

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  1. I knew the first link I'd find would be one to one of your channels Marty, merci mon ami!

  2. your freakin awesome man keep helping us learn songs. learned fire fast thanks you bro!
    san jose cali

  3. YOU ARE THE BEST MARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. little too much fun at 0:38 lol

  5. I got to say watching alot of the Hendrix tutorials or covers on YouTube this one captures Jimis tone the best of them all awesome tone Marty I just gotta ask how did u get it I've been interested myself

  6. can u please do Tomorrow by silverchair.

  7. pause at 0:41

  8. It's the white Hendrix! 

  9. Marty you got it going on my man. Its great to see someone like you come along and inspire people to play such a cool instrument. Thanks man. I have learned so much from you dude.

  10. Pleasssssse can you do cream crossroads pretty please! !!!!!!!

  11. Thank you Marty , good job !

  12. Oh hello! Pretty good video, Thanks! There is this fantastic Guitar Lesson site at "Brendt Mastery Guitar Playing Guru" (Have a quick look on google)? My neighbour learned awesome playing skills very fast! They are giving a free lesson too! 

  13. Jimi recorded fire on a tele because he was playing in the studio then went crazy and sent his strat into the celling and broke a few machine heads and tuning pegs

  14. hay marty r u playing a squire fender stratacaster?

  15. What's the strum pattern?

  16. Marty you're such a cool dude. You've got the best tutorials I've seen. RESPECT.

  17. Guilherme Rosalem

    it is :/

  18. its jimi hendrix….

  19. nice bruce lee shirt!

  20. and so he did

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