Jimi Hendrix Hey Joe Acoustic Guitar Lesson

Jimi Hendrix Hey Joe Acoustic Guitar Lesson. Step by step easy to follow lesson. Loads more lessons on my channel !

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  1. So this is my 4th tutorial with you. And I've never progressed so fast. Maybe when I was a teen way back before I gave up on guitar altogether. With your videos I feel the progress and see the results fast and its is really motivating. Big up big up.

  2. Is it advisable to try getting muted strings for more attack ?

  3. Bravissimo ☺ grazie!

  4. Gonna need Wind Cries Mary, I really like your style on acoustic. Sounds different than the others.

  5. This lesson is exactly one year old

  6. Tremendous tute LJ. I've been playing the bass for this song off and on for over 40 years and never bothered to learn the guitar bits until now. Great instruction style, it only took 30 minutes to get it completely roughed out. Thanks..

  7. Man very cool.

  8. What is the strumming pattern in the power chords section?

  9. The first 47 seconds is all I need, Thank You! (Did you previously break your index finger? Metacarpal)

  10. I love you videos, you are a great teacher. Thank you for all that you do

  11. What an amazing teacher you are! 😀
    Me being just a classic rock fan and an intermediate guitar player, I was able to learn it very easily! The only pain was with them fingers. They are so ded!
    Don't you ever feel the pain after so much of playing. They get all sore. :O

  12. Love this track and love your lessons .. may I ask which Taylor model you use ? Cheers

  13. Hey John Lee — I think you should look at the meta search terms you are using for your videos. I just searched for "Hey Joe Acoustic Guitar Lesson" and your video didn't pop up until the sixth page of results, even though it had more views and likes than many other videos preceding it. In fact, I searched for "Super Easy lesson acoustic guitar Hey Joe" and even then it was only the eighth search result — and it was topped by a video that had just three likes. I don't know much about how to optimize search terms, but you should find someone who does, because I suspect your videos would have a big jump in viewership with just a few tweaks.

  14. I had a little trouble getting that Hendrix chord down smoothly, until I watched how you do it — I think you get the first three fingers in position and strum that shape a couple of times on downstrokes, (hitting the open low E as you do that), which buys you plenty of time to put the pinky down on the eight fret and then hit the full chord once on an upstroke. Right? I played it that way and it was effortless.

  15. Another great lesson.  I like how you folded the pentatonic into it.  I've been learning the pentatonic from your other lesson but it definitely helps to have a song to use it on.

  16. how about little sister by srv

  17. Megadeth plz :/

  18. Would you consider covering Outlaw State of Mind by Chris Stapleton?

  19. BeduTheGreatest

    Good job, you vids. are awesome. You deserve more!

  20. Rain cloud Ramone

    Glad this one's back!

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