Jimi Hendrix Hey Joe Guitar Lesson

Jimi Hendrix Hey Joe Guitar Lesson

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  1. Marty – Thank you for all the song tutorials! My 12 year old has learned many songs from you and has never had 1 lesson 🙂
    John 3:16

  2. ekphrasticmeatie

    "Popular finger"

  3. i think your the best teacher in the world sorry for my englisch, his the best

  4. Navaneeth M Krishnan

    Thanks Marty. Easy lesson. Actually you made it easy. 😀 Way to go!

  5. ShareEndorphins l

    Jimi Hendrix – Fire pls!!

  6. Heeeey Marty!!!! I wanna ask you about the solo…What scales we can use to jam on the solo parts? Thanks and keep up with the great job!!! Every lesson is very helpfull, apart from learning how to play a single song!

  7. this is great//thks

  8. great lessons. Got most of the way through, but but i'm still a bit foggy on the choral inversion thing, even after watching your other Hendrix vid. I need it slowed to beginner speed! Damn with everyone else's needs!

  9. i love this channel its so helpful

  10. 39 haters

  11. Can you do the following if not done yet?:
    Houses of the holy by zeppelin
    go your own way, the chain, and don't stop by fleetwood mac
    strange magic by elo
    and country roads by john denver
    Thanks Marty! Really enjoy your videos!

  12. Bleron Mehmeti

    thx for the vid we made a reggae type of medley included this song bur more with the reggae feelin you know

  13. Is it in standard tuning

  14. Marty, you are the greatest man on earth. Thank You.

  15. Rock on Marty…and play it loud!

  16. thank you very easy from you

  17. Great lesson, thanks Marty!

  18. Fantastic lesson, and I will polish this up.
    Can you please do a solo lesson for hey Joe?

  19. Agastya Raghavan

    marty, can you also start teaching the lyrics for songs too? Also, i love your channel

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