Jimi Hendrix – Purple Haze – Guitar Lesson – How to Play On Guitar – Tutorial

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  1. Awesome lesson Marty . Please show us the solo

  2. Marty, I love your videos! What about some Michael Schenker? Let it Roll?

  3. Jose Arnulfo Arredondo

    please do ezy rider

  4. Highway Chile please

  5. stevie ray

  6. Hector Buentello

    SRV and Dimebag

  7. Gosh you're the only guitar tutorial channel I can learn from; keep up the great work

  8. give us the solo. great video.

  9. Dead need the solo brother

  10. hendrix was good but i think little wayne is better

  11. Awesome work Marty..Do you do CrossTown Traffic ?Thanks for the vids man 🙂

  12. Chandler Kelley

    do along the watchtower

  13. Dario De Los Santos

    keep those coming professor…

  14. Mister Vaughn

  15. jimi hendrix may this be love

  16. play easy blue's jimi Hendrix

  17. ET Phone Home with the SOLO!!!

  18. Crosstown traffic and red house would be awesome!

  19. oh yeah!

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