Jimi Hendrix – Voodoo Child (Slight Return) Stevie Ray Vaughan – Guitar Lesson How to Play Blues

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Here it is!! BRAND NEW at “MartyMusic” Voodoo Chile (Slight Return) super tasty riffs and blues magic with the Wah Wah pedal. Thanks again for supporting me right here at “MartyMusic” more NEW lessons coming every week! Peace and love,


  1. Kelly Kaepernick

    Marty you old sappy blues monster! I love it!

  2. 8:00 is my marker my dudes and dudets

  3. ‘Voodo Chile’?

  4. Can you do Machine Gun?

  5. ok i need a wah pedal now

  6. You should start throwing tabs on screen while playing

  7. Aashay Chaturvedi

    Marty Sir, you're Guitar GoD!!! WELL PLAYED!

  8. You could just play the intro in a loop over and over and the average girl would think you were pretty good! Haha

  9. The sad thing is, I don't have a WAH pedal 🙁

  10. u need to knock your guitar dont you

  11. slash he play it good to

  12. great song

  13. Can i have tuning for every string please?

  14. Long Tutorial. Probably because this is one of the most challenging and intimating songs on guitar

  15. Bjørner Utgaard

    What kindn of wah pedal do you use, and do you know what SRV, and Jimi used? Great lesson, thanks!

  16. Nice way to teach these things, is helping a lot. Thanks Marty!

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