Jingle Bells Guitar Lesson – Christmas – Acoustic Guitar Lesson – Guitar Tricks 34

Jingle Bells Guitar Lesson - Christmas - Acoustic Guitar Lesson - Guitar Tricks 34

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This week on the Guitar Tricks Channel, instructor Lisa McCormick brings in the Christmas cheer with an acoustic guitar lesson on Jingle Bells, a holiday classic. Also, she gives you a great tip on changing strings. Lisa makes it easy to understand and fast to pick up, just in time for the ho-ho-holidays.

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  1. I love your voice

  2. Thank you。

  3. I love this lady!

  4. Diarra Fousseinoud


  5. Diarra Fousseinoud


  6. Lisa…my friend you are an AWESOME singer and yes guitar teacher too! thanks for the smile on my FACE 🙂

  7. a good ol' standard song for christmas time

  8. yes she did

  9. you've cheered up my evening 🙂

  10. That's great that you can sing, but you sang over the chords.

  11. 唄はうまい。しかしギターの説明はいらない。

  12. LOVE IT HOT MOMMA! love your voice!!!

  13. hot, mmmm nice.

    let's make angels in the snow shall we.

    keep up the good work.

  14. I got grounded and my mom said if i did this song on my guitar i would get off grounding.
    Of course, i had to learn it in an hour. Even though it wasn't fast enough, it was pretty helpful.

  15. Erotic Jingle Bells – who would have thought! Really neat!

    Big Ron

  16. That was excellent singing, I enjoyed it very much and learned a bit from this lesson, thank you!

  17. amazing voice Lisa….beautiful!!

  18. Love it….sexy too! wow.

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