Jody Fisher – LACM Online Guitar Lesson Excerpt from “Chord Melody II”

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In this clip taken from one of the weekly lessons from the LACM Online guitar course “Chord Melody II,” Jody discusses playing the chord melody for the song “Georgia”.
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  1. Billie Lee Ñan

    What a cool guitar, looks like a flower

  2. John E. Zammitpace

    Great teacher. thank you Mro Fisher.

  3. I've nailed it now after much effort. I have discovered one or two different voicings which seem to work well which I shall substitute. Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. I noticed that the G min 6 has the same notes as E min 7 flat 5.

  5. In the "557 Standards" book, measure 4 has Bmin7flat5 to Bmin6th. Try that out and see what you think. To me it sounds better and may be in keeping with the original.

  6. Some of the chord changes are the same as in the song "Crazy" (Patsy Cline).

  7. I studied with Jody about fifteen years ago. He simply blew my mind then. It's great to see him kicking ass all these years later!

  8. Hey idiot not everyone has the same knuckles..what planet do you come from?

  9. Truly gifted as an artist and instructor.

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  11. Wow absolutely incredible lesson. Looks like Los Angeles College of music has very knowledgeable teachers. I hope one day I can participate in your online classes.

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