Joe Bonamassa electric blues licks guitar lesson

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Joe talks us though some of the go-to licks that define his hot, high-energy style of blues guitar, with a gorgeous Gibson Collector’s Choice ’57 Goldtop Les Paul, kindly provided by Peach Guitars in Essex, and a Lazy J combo.

The virtuoso guitarist explains some of his best blues moves for us, lick by lick. We’ve transcribed those lessons here for you to learn:

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  1. That amp he's playing through is killer.

  2. "The Blues" are what guitarists do when they can't play anything else for shit.

  3. Laodamas Dimopoulos

    This guy is the master. He puts shredding into blues solos like no else does.

  4. Well I've played acoustic guitars for a lot of years and I wanted a change to electric or at least give it a go. I practised on Santana's version "black magic woman" to get the hang of the Lez Paul copy I got and was looking at more lessons when I seen your video. I shamefully add I knew nothing about you but I thought you was some kind of session musician that's right got the hang of the Les Paul.  When I got to learn about your videos, I just wanted to say I think your one of the worlds best guitarists. Anyhow thanks again for putting this tutorial up its helped me a great deal cheers fella.

  5. thanks a valuable info

  6. All those making negative comments, may want to ask yourself, are you doing what he's doing, touring everywhere, selling all types merch- and cd's. Takes a lot to make it happen.

  7. The man is a most skilled guitar player. Also he clearly names his inspiration.
    Those that can do, those that can't critizice.
    All those coming up the negativity.
    Where is your video ?!

  8. good lord look at the size of his hands!

  9. The guy leaves me cold. That's not saying he isn't skilled…. just lacks soul to my ears.

  10. He started guitar at age 5, played in blues clubs at age 13, and opened for B.B. King shortly after that.

  11. I'm not a fan of his vibrato at times, but I still love his music.

  12. How about a good old fashioned " You Suck ", bitch.

  13. he always copies Eric Johnson with his licks.

  14. Great guitarist …well great at playing all of Eric Johnson's licks off Fine Art of Guitar. Before anyone gets animated… watch Fine Art if Guitar (it's on YouTube) first.

  15. Instead of just gettign a reverb pedal…..he got a reverb room;DD

  16. Sebastien Zunino Music TV

    woooow great !!!

  17. nice licks and tip, seating looks uncomftorable .

  18. Don't get me wrong he is very good, but he doesn't have that classic vibrato like Clapton, West, Gibbons, (etc)

  19. Jose Ignacio Vallejo (Josig08)

    You actually need to have studied guitar and know some fundamental music theory to understand everything he's showing.. For people who just want to play by ear this might not be that helpful

  20. no feeling

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