Joe Pass jazz guitar lesson # 1 | Guitar walking bass lines w/chords Here is a common guitar walking bass line in the style of Joe Pass based on jazz/ blues chord progression. In this chord progression you will find a major short II-V cadence, a chromaticism and a short I7-VI7-IIm-V7 turnaround at the end. Full course here

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  1. Wish he would've swung it a bit more. So stiff.

  2. Ariel Gioino Robman

    Thanks for your lesson. So, with walking bass you follow the scale, and add some chromaticisms. Could I just improvise with it?

  3. Thanks ! Playing with tabs was very helpful to me

  4. Iliaa Pavliashvili

    thank you i learned it

  5. Iliaa Pavliashvili

    Hello Sir your lesson is good. but can you indicate us what scales can be used to improvise in these chord progression.

  6. Dude your basslines gotta go legato in this case they aint

  7. just found this channel love this kind of jazz anymore??

  8. Very Nice!

  9. I like the what you did on bars 7-8 i usually use (I IV III VI) there

  10. Jazz guitar licks

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