Joe Satriani Guitar Lesson – How to Build Melody

In this episode of Shredding with the Alien, guitar legend Joe Satriani shares his tips on how to build guitar melodies. Go here for the TAB from this lesson:


  1. yup, Ibanez……..there are guitars, and there are Ibanez Instruments..ive recently bought one,,,huuuuuuuuuge difference from my other crap, and its waaaay easier to play on, and sounds better on the same amp. its magic

  2. Awesome and simple. Joe seems to be liking soapy-looking guitars.

  3. He is just a genius

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! Now there's a melody!

  5. HAHA – the shades. Right at the beggining. fucking legend.


  6. Why is he wearing sunglasses indoors?

  7. Dr Evil is that you at the beggining

  8. LISTEN to the guitar melody in the song "Estranged".

  9. To the crew: Change camera, and avoid talking hand.

  10. 36 people couldn't stare in to THAT red glare

  11. best teacher!

  12. Cornelius Maximillianus

    awesome lesson

  13. This freggen dude is a genius

  14. This guy is a fucking genius. Well, he is Joe Satriani
    This video blew my mind.

  15. This teacher must be from another high level. To easy to follow, but still too Tall to walk with Him. Really human and friendly.

  16. I can hear the influence he had on Steve Vai

  17. Joe is one of the few shredders that can make a cool chord progression, place an intriguing melody over it, and can make an exciting/emotional arrangement of it all. And is kind enough and secure enough to reveal how.

  18. The shredders need to watch this. Satriani can actually write songs unlike most the shredders who masturbate on their guitars

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