Joe Walsh "Life's Been Good" Guitar Lesson

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  1. Thanks so much for supporting MartyMusic, also I have a ton of FREE courses at my site

  2. Joe Walsh for President 2020

  3. Enormous Video! Great work.

  4. W.Wright Jackson

    gotta love "The Marty" always fun to learn from " The Swartz ". Keep on Truckin " Marty. (If you were a sixties and early seventies teenager you've seen the " keep on truckin " dude) you may have if you are younger. Great jams Marty.

  5. Life in the fast lane please!

  6. Gregory Greening

    Marty, What Amp is that?

  7. Can you please do song 2 blur

  8. This is why nobody can play this.

  9. Whose from Wichita?

  10. Marty, Please share about the pedals and the settings you used to get those tones, please. And, what guitar and pickups did you use in that song? It songs pretty great!!

  11. So Eminem brought me here as he sampled the riffs on 'so far'. Bleedin good.

    Now to learn it.

  12. Marty you are the best!!

  13. Thanks Marty I love this song, and you covered it perfectly.

  14. David guitar madman

    Classic rock! Thanks so much Marty! Love those triads sir!!

  15. Thanks Marty great lesson!

  16. Can you do Hotel California?

  17. What I have found is that many of the little tricks that you use in one song cones up in others. This song is tough but so many worthwhile things to practice which will help later on.

  18. Lawrence t. Mcguilicutty

    Can’t find anyone that has done meadows yet?

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