John Cougar Mellencamp – Jack and Diane – Guitar Lesson (JUST LIKE THE ORIGINAL RECORDING!)

This is the John Cougar Mellencamp Jack and Diane
Guitar Lesson. This guitar tutorial shows you how to play the guitar
chords, guitar strumming pattern, intro, verse and little fills for
john cougar mellencamps jack and diane. Thanks for watching and PLEASE

Learn how to play guitar by ear! Anyone can learn any song no matter
how fast or complicated! Here’s how :

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  1. Mini Documentaries

    Really great tutorial. TY

  2. It's about developing muscle memory… There're some "unusual" shapes in there, and the changes are quite quick… Nothing for it, but some repetitive "grunt work"! Good lesson.

  3. I hear ya…slowing it down is diff.

  4. im a beginer and this is very well explainted

  5. jedimaster jesse

    my guitar and drum teacher is the former drummer of John meloncamp

  6. Trill of living? You mean thrill, maybe?

  7. well done. also nice biceps

  8. thanks for the tutorial. honestly when I play that song on the guitar I always use just the standard chords the D A & the e with standard fingering without using bars or Pinky's or anything like that. and sometimes I'll put a capo on the second fret and use the G which would be the A chord of course the D chord which would be of course like you should have without the Capo and then of course the C chord which of course would be the D when you Capo it but never have I tried it the way you showed it and I plan to get right to work on doing it the proper way because the way you showed us is exactly how John Mellencamp has actually recorded it. thanks again and like he says in the song Rock on.

  9. Awesome ! Perfect- great tutorial

  10. William Thomas

    great tutorial, fun song

  11. I wanted to learn this song but I couldn't see your fat fingers for all the ad's popping up. Sorry can't say if it's good or not. Went to other video's.

  12. Awesome video bud. Thanks. That A into bar chord, slide progression is killing me.

  13. if i had a dollar for every time you said ok or alright

  14. Michael Chaney

    Dude, nice video. Lyric is "long after the thrill of living is gone".

  15. Overall this is a good, valuable lesson…but one little correction if you don't mind…the lyric goes "Long after the THRILL is gone". It sounds like you're saying trill.

  16. I usually go to marty. but good job bruh.

  17. Carlos Maradiaga

    Funny how people are complaining about the way you taught this. If you really want to learn it you'll take the time to figure it out. Great video, thanks for taking the time brother!

  18. awesome thanks!

  19. MegaGuitarpicker

    You need to learn it before trying to teach it.

  20. shoulda showed the order.. no1 does and it would save ppl so much Time ..

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