John Denver – Country Roads – Super Easy Beginner Guitar Lessons on Acoustic – How to play

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  1. Brainsmachine.bc

    Why is it that JD wasnt as popular as he should have been? Anyone ?

  2. Freddie Francis

    Special fancy tones between the chords at 4min 28 sec
    is the best part of the video..Thanks a lot for the same.Guitar is sounding great.

  3. Brayden Jacquez

    take me home country roads

  4. Awesome lesson Marty! Thank You!

  5. You make it look so easy!

  6. Marty broke out the Martin for this one. Sounds so beautiful.

  7. Pink Floyd money

  8. Puncheon Pride Kennel Phillip & Jessica Lovely

    Marty I was wondering if you could make a tutorial video of amazing Grace. also if you could make one of new agian

  9. good job marty

  10. thank you for the fun lessons

  11. Hey Marty. Thanks bro. Love the videos and it has helped me a lot. Subscribed!

  12. I'm too dumb for the strumming pattern.

  13. MarcosDeSantos

    I just played this song today and uploaded it to my channel. love the song

  14. Great lesson and extras !

  15. Great lesson and bonus story! Thanks!!!

  16. Jonavan Barnes

    Your a hero Marty!

  17. Thanks and great

  18. Like your video lessons. Super easy guitar lessons? Do you have any super  super  super duper easy lessons? I need some of them!

  19. just amazing

  20. George Millington

    you are totally awesome .love the way you play and teach .wish I could do that 'I am just to stupid I think.

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