John Denver Take Me Home Country Roads Guitar Lesson

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Hey Marty here from MartyMusic again with another iconic song lesson that’s easy and fun to play. It’s John Denver “Take Me Home, Country Roads” easy acoustic campfire classic at it’s best. Thanks again for all of the wonderful support!

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  1. Thank you very much for supporting MartyMusic! Also, Free courses at

  2. Please do one on Master Exploder by TenaciousD

  3. Subliminal Walker

    Yo Marty man I think it'd be cool to do a nirvana insomnia video including the solo. There aren't any great tabs online and no decent videos teaching any rhythm to the song

  4. Darren W. Taylor

    Hi Marty, you the man! I was wondering if you can do an easy lesson on Godsmack Serenity? I'm currently learning it locally, but only once a week in person. Watching you really helps me the rest of the week. Thanks in advance, and keep up with the great lessons!

  5. Marty, any chance of doing galileo by Declan O'Rourke, unreal song, would love to be able to play it for my wedding in August!!

  6. Michael Crisco

    Hey Marty, can you please please make a video on Notion by Kings of Leon?

  7. Can you do this perfect world by freedy johnston?

  8. Do devil went down to Georgia

  9. Hi can you please do some joy division songs like transmission

  10. jcan you tech me this

  11. Yo Marty! Huge fan of your work and much respect. Been supporting you for a while, is there any way you can (dont laugh) post a how to on "Dreams" by Fleetwood Mac? I know its simple but you are by far the best teacher I have come across. Would greatly appreciate it!

  12. haight bro bass pro

    Please do Tennessee flat top box by johnny cash

  13. The opening sounds like wagon wheel

  14. PeartSkirt And Spunky

    How about …
    Some Brandi Carlisle or Brad Paisley… letter to me? Anything by either of them… love your channel been hooked all night planning what songs I want to learn next…
    Love the options! So much great music! Wiskey Lullaby is another favorite…

  15. Dalton Bankston


  16. You should do a lesson on John Butler's song "Ocean"

  17. Hey Marty if you could post a tutorial on Greta Van Fleet’s “Black Smoke Rising” that would be awesome

  18. Can you do Simple Man Shinedown version? Thanks

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