John Mayer – Bigger than my Body(Acoustic) Guitar lesson with TAB

00:13 Intro Link to TAB (
04:41 Verse1
07:56 PreChorus1
13:28 Chorus1
15:38 Verse2(with alt version)
21:10 Chorus2 ending
21:43 Interlude
26:28 Bridge
31:05 Prechorus3,Chorus3,Outro
34:16 Adrenalinn III Arpeggiator demo

Based on the version from “The AOL Sessions” in 2006 and some live “Eddie’s Attic” performances (the verse 2 part).


  1. Marco Stefanelli

    really cool! thank you so much for such a detailed analysis! there's so much to learn from this

  2. I'm seeing pieces of information from my guitar lesson in this video. Lot of 3rds in this song.

  3. whats good with the giant tab midscreen. hold off to the side please having trouble reading u.

  4. Hey Z, your lessons are perfect. You explain every single measure thoroughly, and you put a lot of time and effort in making your videos and lessons. So thank you, because I have learned so much from you and I love to play songs by my favorite artist! So don't listen to those hating, this is your channel, and you should be able to make your videos your way, and if they don't like it, well they can screw off 😀 Thanks again, Z!

  5. Joey Silva A.K.A. Daddy!!

    That guitar!

  6. Joey Silva A.K.A. Daddy!!

    Thanks man cant wait to try this!!

  7. Gorgeous Tele!

  8. your channel is great,please,please do it a tutorial of john version of angel from montgomery 🙂

  9. Great lesson man, but, you could have played the full song at the end!

  10. Jabberwocky rumshoute

    can you do a full tutorial of Good love is on the way Live LA. thank you…

  11. teach "not myself" !!

  12. Hey man , Can't thank you enough for the Mayer songs. Don't listen to anyone(about shorter videos) , please discuss his chords and playing style in depth. He's no simple artist and talking about his work will take time. I'll love it if you talk about some chord he uses and his dynamic playing style in general. Like mash few of his songs and discuss the things he's playing. What you have with your videos is something the whole internet misses. Not everyone can do an indepth take on Mayer. Please keep the videos coming. Would love for a "Why Georgia" and "Edge of desire" tutorial . Loyal sub and fan ! (y)

  13. Please a tutorial on 'Love Song For No One'
    And then the acoustic version here on youtube.
    I'm really enjoying your tutorials btw 🙂

  14. Hey mate, would you consider doing a lesson on John Mayer's cover of All Along The Watchtower from last year? The solo is incredible where he brings it down and builds it back up! Thanks in advance.

  15. First off these are great videos! Currently working through no such thing. I'm sure you are familiar with the acoustic version of JM good love is in the way. When you get the chance would you consider doing a tutorial of the acoustic version? Thanks!

  16. Any plans on doing John's version of "All Along The Watchtower" ?

  17. I found when playing the bridge that you get a fuller sound if you put the octave of the note on the D string. It's a bit of a stretch, but it gives it a fuller sound. Try picking at the low E string octave instead of muting and see the difference for yourself

  18. Thank you so much Zartimus , I would love you to add Magnolia -JM cover to the wish list maybe we will see it in the next year 2016 😀

  19. Michael Clement de Grandprey-Vaughan

    You should do a cover or tutorial on wait until tomorrow from WTLI! I can't seem to get the solo down…

  20. Giuseppe Marranzino

    @Zartimus you are an awesome teacher! And i would thank you forever if you do a tutorial for "Try!"

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