John Mayer Carry Me Away Guitar Lesson, Chords, and Tutorial

Pick I’m using in this lesson:
Capo I’m using in this lesson:

There are lots of lessons and tutorials out there… this is the only one that definitively teaches you how to approach this John Mayer song, Carry Me Away. Here, you’ll learn the Carry Me Away chords and movements. This Carry Me Away tutorial correctly shows how to execute the song in standard tuning, teaching rhythm consistent and sensible to how Carry Me Away by John Mayer is played on guitar.  This Carry Me Away guitar lesson will help you learn all necessary guitar parts to cover this song in your own set.

Guitar lessons in person are expensive, this is free. Other guitar tutorials on youtube can be risky for your playing habits, because you may be taught faulty mechanics and spend time practicing incorrect short cut versions of a song. This video wont do that to you.


  1. You have such a knack for hearing exactly how these songs sound. So impressive

  2. You are awesome man

  3. really nice sounding dreadnought. what are you playing?

  4. You’re awesome dude!

  5. Wow thank you so much! So fast 😀

  6. only hours after release

  7. Holy crap that was fast! And awesome

  8. This shit dropped like an hour ago. Bitch how

  9. Why does your bass have six strings? weird.

  10. how did you do this so early? good job!

  11. That was DUMMY fast

  12. thanks for posting this so early man, great work!

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