John Mayer Daughters – Guitar Lesson

John Mayer Daughters – Guitar Lesson

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  2. Do flower power by gvf!

  3. We asked marty delivered! Thank you!! I hope theres more coming!

  4. Jochem Grimbergen

    mac demarco ~ coocking up something good pls

  5. Can you please do "In Between Days" by The Cure PLEEEAAAASE!!!

  6. Can you do “trust fund baby” or “can’t hang” off Sammy Hagar new album!!

  7. Marty Swartz, getting kids laid since 2012

  8. Can you please do The devil wears a suit and tie by Colter Wall please!!

  9. Is that mahogany wood? If it is, it sounds so warm. Love this!

  10. Have you heard Late July by shakey graves? Such a good tune. Do you take request?

  11. michael storrs

    Found this song really challenging. Love it but my pinky didn't want to stay planted. Don't have the longest fingers so trying to watch my thumb placement to try and get a better stretch on the chords. Open for suggestion.

  12. Jaren Galbraith

    Steady rain by warren zevon would be a cool tutorial cant figure it out for myself thanks marty

  13. Thanks for teaching me how to play guitar all these years <3

  14. Hey Marty, since you have been doing theme songs recently, can we get a lesson on the Drake and Josh theme song? I’ve been trying to learn but there are hardly any lessons on YouTube. That would be awesome!!!

  15. I'd Rather See Your Star Explode by Slaves would be an awesome tutorial. I couldn't find one, just covers.

  16. Jonathan Rollins

    Hey Marty, could you do a lesson for Where are you going by Dave Matthews Band?

  17. Paradise city solo???

  18. John Mayer can go BARRE himself.

  19. Sparks by Coldplay please! …cuz sometimes we play so others can hear us play

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