John Mayer Gives Blues Guitar Lesson (2018)

Instagram Live January 27th 2018


  1. This could be the one time I like John Mayer.

  2. What a fucking turd. Anybody else wanna slap this dude?

  3. What a great teacher. I got nothin but respect for you John, thanks for the great video. That's some pretty authentic and badass playing. So well done. Oh, and the tone, perfect.

  4. what song is he humming at 39:27 ?

  5. Amazing how I always end up back somehow watching John play! Can't get enough of your sound and technique. Thank you for all that you do.

  6. Majors inside of minor pentatonics….Garcia….is this something that Marvin Gaye used too?

  7. I really appreciate the video, John Mayer. Just so we're clear about that. I have to stop, rewind, start again. It is a privilege to learn from the pros and of course, there's pay-it-forward to teach others what we know too of our actual work or careers. That's how it should work. So thanks for the lessons.

  8. I watched this last week and today, I have my guitar and amp set up. Thanks John Mayer, because I seldom leave home and I've got some famous friends, but I don't like bothering them. Dell Mack, Rockabilly Hall of Fame, always wants me to visit and I need to, cause he's got leukemia and he's 80. Dell taught me some things that he learned from Charlie Feathers or Smokey Joe Baugh. And I LOVE the stories. I was a journalist before my wife died 15 years ago and now I make films to help musicians and other topics too, so I get to hang out with some legends. Very cool. A famous singer, who doesn't play guitar, said that she thought I'd love electric guitar and she was right that it keeps me in a positive mood.

  9. As a beginner, maybe I should not yet be sitting-in on a graduate program Master Class…but, wow, was that inspiring and enjoyable! To see and hear the mysteries of music come out of the likes of John Mayer, Jeff Beck, Ginger Baker, Robin Trower, Jack Bruce, Jimi Hendrix, Paul McCartney… leaves one astounded. Very "musical" individuals.
    What's more, for John to make the time to share his wealth of knowledge with others shows a man growing in the awareness of his "gift"…and his mortality. Most people never learn these two lessons. It's a beautiful thing, seeing a man, in humility, "work out of himself" the gift that God has "worked into him".
    Nice work, John. Continued success to you, kind sir.

    "For who maketh thee to differ from another? and what hast thou that thou didst not receive? now if thou didst receive it, why dost thou glory, as if thou hadst not received it?"
    1 Corinthians 4:7

  10. I find it hard enough to keep up with neon but man what an inspiring dude!

  11. Are there any other examples of well-known guitarists doing lessons/personal jam sessions like this?

  12. Mind=blown.

  13. Monumental self-indulgent bore (42+ mins of twaddle!!!!!!) .. and a really passionless player .. wow what a double .. dumbass player who thinks he's reallly good … ugggghhhh .. give it up deadbeat!

  14. Thanks

  15. holy fuck. ur a treat!

  16. Marcus Derillius

    This is like Eric Clapton made a guitar video this is incredible

  17. Ismail Taylor-Kamara

    One of the tastiest guitar players around and a great song writer. Thanks for giving John.

  18. u think with tht much money hed be able to affort something better than a iphone 4 camera

  19. 35:10 what song is that?

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