John Mayer – Gravity Electric Guitar Lesson

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John Mayer – Gravity Electric Guitar Lesson
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  1. Johann Schickeneder

    Straight to the point, lovely lesson! Thanks a lot!

  2. thanks for wearing a white shirt with white font

  3. Seems like you're hating on John Mayer a little. You suggest he plays a G like Hendrix to be cool but it does sound different that way you also said he can just barely play the chords because his backing band is so good. Believe me I'm not in his fan club,he sings like a fucking muppet, but you obviously are in the huge guys who hate John Mayer club so why give a lesson begrudgingly Marty Schwartz

  4. Hey Marty, I really enjoy your tutorials. Thanks for taking the time to do these. Great lessons. I think you're a super nice guy.

  5. Kyle Christopher


  6. It's not a rip off… You have any idea how many times a song was written in a 1-4 progression?

  7. teach me what u did at the end!!!!! haha

  8. @ 0.43 looks like hes missing half his index finger! love it marty


  10. marty rocks

  11. i was expecting to learn something then at 6:52 I'm like….thats just mean I'm leaving haha

  12. he lost me a little 6:54

  13. I don't understand the haters either. Marty is really helping beginner level guitarists. I use a Bb13 to Ebmaj7 on the chorus. But it doesn't matter, you can sub all of these chords. Marty I have been playing a long time and every once in a while even I glean something from your lessons. Keep on keeping on!

  14. from Hooker to Vaughan to Mayer to Marty! 😀

  15. Shut up, this is in no way shape or form a "rip off." Same chord progression but who cares, I can think of a hundred songs that use the same chord progressions. There's only 12 notes in music.

  16. @TheHighestEagle Can someone translate what this guy said…

  17. DUDE that crazy lick at 6:55 blew my freekin mind can you send me the tabs for it please it would make my life complete

  18. rickeygottheblues

    this is a direct rip off from otis reddings dreams to remember and 45 years later its as if gravity is some great new profuction what goes around comes around at least a dozen times

  19. jesus, awesome surprise solo. scared me a little ha

  20. NEONNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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