John Mayer Gravity Lead Guitar + Chords Lesson/Tutorial

Everyone has asked for it and I finally did it! Check out the lead lines and chords for John Mayer’s Gravity!

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  2. Anyway to do this with an acoustic guitar?

  3. I wish you slowed down just a little on this one and stayed on topic

  4. Thanks Marty, I could never figure out that Gm chord….

  5. Again, Marty you are awesome! Quit making it seem so easy when it isn't. LOL

  6. Can someone tell me why the G Major chord at 4:07 is shaped the way Marty has it, different from a traditional G major chord? I thought I was past these chords but obviously not

  7. una excelente explicación

  8. thanks

  9. I hit like before the video even started emitting sound. It's Marty goddamit.

  10. Anjing hese

  11. Best Songs Backing Tracks

    Beautiful song, great tutorial

  12. the chords part was very inspiring

  13. marty you're awesome… thank you for making learning guitar so much easier the learners!!!

  14. This is my absolute favorite song from my favorite musician, taught by my favorite teacher. On my birthday, no less. Thanks for this one, Marty

  15. Benjamin Mattern

    Do you have tab written out for this?

  16. People that use thumbs have bigger hands.

  17. Hey Marty , What solo did you play in the begining

  18. Alexander Infante

    Can you please do Dear Winter by AJR?

  19. Marty I’ve watched so many of your vids and hearing you say “okay I’m not as good as John Mayer” made me laugh really hard. Love you tons

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