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In this guitar lesson tutorial we’re going to learn how to play the chords and rhythm parts to John Mayer’s Gravity, some super tasty Hendrix inspired rhythm parts to explore here!

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  1. Dudes and dudettes – you been to see my new fancy website upgrade?? Been working on it for over a year! Great song searches, lesson and song grading, use login (save lessons to your dashboard!) and loads more awesome features on the way – go have a look – still free 🙂 http:///

  2. You are like the Jamie Oliver of music, which is a splendid form of existence (Robin Hood of music like Robin Hood of food)

  3. Awesome! Can you do jimi hendrix and johns embelishment lesson

  4. Brilliant lesson, thanks!

  5. youre a legend justin !

  6. Could you add a little strumming Tips and thank you I love your videos

  7. Thank you Justin,.

  8. Love this!! Thanks so much Justin..

  9. Omg this video was about 4 days late smh, I played gravity at my high school graduation and if this video came out earlier I could’ve used it to practice the exact parts I needed to play

  10. I love fender strat in fiesta red

  11. kurikokaleidoscope

    very fantastic thanks justin

  12. I like the sound of this fender then the suhr

  13. Thanks for this song. I'm an acoustic guitarist, so this has been a bear to learn, but I've done a few hacks to get this. I really appreciate your posting this. Maybe when I grow up (I'm in my 60'), I learn electric guitar. I'm also doing this fingerstyle which makes the arpeggios easier to do.

  14. great lesson but too slow, you need to speed up a bit

  15. I love John Mayer's music but I'm finding there's not a lot in his catalog that I can play due to his heavy use of the thumb to play bass notes on the 6th string. Can't do it.

  16. Muhamad Mun'im Sobirin

    Great Man. I also have cover and lesson on my channel , check out thank you

  17. Ehhh…
    Not the best way to play it tbh

    Love your vids tho still

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