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In this guitar lesson tutorial we’re going to learn how to play both solos in John Mayer’s Gravity, learning this solo is a lesson on touch, tone and subtle awesomeness!

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  1. JustinGuitar Songs

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  2. i have that exact same guitar same color and everything

  3. Please, reduce amount of talking about who's doing how . Just teach what you want to teach.

  4. Is this possible on acoustic?

  5. Yes nice tip about changing the strings while playing slide intensive solo cuz i once bruised my finger while playing canon rock earlier. I wish i knew this before.

  6. Great stuff dude
    just realized ive been sliding wrong all this time..
    love ur work

  7. Justin, thank you. For everything that you do and especially for the way you do it!!!

  8. Ferroviários do Barreiro

    Very good.

  9. Best teacher on u tube. Fun learning from a nice guy. Thank you Justin for sharing your knowledge.

  10. You rock bro learn a lot from you thanks

  11. so cool Justin,beautiful

  12. Muhamad Mun'im Sobirin

    Great Man, I also cover and give lesson Slow Dancing In A Burning Room check out on my channel, thank you.

  13. I cant seem to do the vibrato with the bend, any suggestions?

  14. i cant get the notes to sustain long enough for the slides.

  15. you talk to much men

  16. Man you´re a true inspiration, thanks for sharing your knowledge and helping us other guitar enthusiasts along!

  17. What guitar do you use in this video

  18. Thank you and badhai ho

  19. ג'סטין יגבר תודה על כל העזרה שלך, אתה עזרת לי מאוד ללמוד גיטרה למרות שהכרתי אותך רק אתמול על ידי גלעד, יסס bru

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