John Mayer – I Guess I Just Feel Like (No Barre Chords)

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  1. John Mayer plays this with Capo on 2nd and uses A A/D chords. 4th fret allows ALL open chords but sounds the same. Thanks for watching!

  2. can you please do little wonders by rob thomas

  3. can you please do the heart of like by john mayer

  4. would you please show how to [play spiral by g-dsmack

  5. Hey marty! You are the only YouTube guitar teacher I can actually follow along with! You're so great, nice job!!

  6. Please do a mighty mighty bosstones song

  7. thank you so much for making these videos ive been trying to play the guitar for years and made no progress but in a 2 months i can play song 2 by blur seven nation army and iron man, i am also learning smells like team spirit( my dad's favorite)

  8. Can u please do a video for Corey Taylor's cover of snuff!!!

  9. cowboy by kid rock

  10. Benjamin Michaud

    Hey Marty! Any chance you can do Shrike by Hozier? It is an epic acoustic song

  11. Fav YouTuber you truly a legend

  12. Plz do don't close your eyes by Keith Whitley

  13. Will you teach us how to play the acoustic version of burden in my hand by soundgarden?

  14. Hey Marty!
    Can you do a tutorual on how to play Trains by Porcupine Tree. Everytime i want to leran a song on guitar I search for you but you haven’t done this song and there aren’t anyone that makes as good tutorials as you do.

  15. Chase hurt guitar cover please

  16. Does anyone know if he has that acoustic plugged into that divided by 13 amp? Is that amp compatible with acoustic guitars?

  17. Hey Marty, I'm assuming that for the C/G you are muting the A string?

  18. What Taylor model is this, Marty? Thanks.

  19. Can you do a separate lesson with the solo?

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