John Mayer – I Guess I Just Feel Like – Solo Licks Guitar Lesson

John Mayer - I Guess I Just Feel Like - Solo Licks Guitar Lesson

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  2. Maybe he’s using his Pete Cornish Fuzz ng-2?

  3. First person showing this lick (out of EVERY FAMOUS YT INSTRUCTOR) that mentioned Woman Tone which I think is one of the (many) reasons why everyone is loving this solo. It sounds like 90's Clapton with 70's Clapton rig. Good job Marty!

  4. Awsome , you are the best Marty !!

  5. Aah marty this sounds awesome

  6. Аранжировки на гитаре

    Amazing playing
    I remember the time I watched your video and learned to play the guitar) and you helped me all the best
    With love from Russia ❤️

  7. Can you teach us "Stuck on the puzzle" by Alex Turner

  8. Kostart Photography

    Mate you don't know how I celebrate you right now for this video! I sat the last 2h to write down the tabs for that but utterly failed – you saved my day!

  9. Could you do a lesson on I was a fool to care by James Taylor?

  10. Damn I came here for the last lick of the song!

  11. The like "dirty blues tone" he got from the p90's on the Epiphone Casino Pro that John was using for the solo.

  12. Can u make Coastline by hollow coves please Marty

  13. Man thank you for making this tricky solo so simple to play

  14. Nathan Longstreth

    Thanks Marty, you've been a huge help in my guitar journey. I'd love to see a vid of "Closer to the Sun" – Slightly Stoopid! Cheers!

  15. Can you do a Johnny Winter lesson?


  17. Hey man! Thanks for the awesome tutorials could you cover 45 by Shinedown with a full breakdown? I have been trying to learn it and nothing is helping me hoping you can! Thanks!

  18. Hi sir, can you please do Love really hurts without you. billy ocean Please

  19. Hey Marty, can u do a video on the other solo in this song too? Thanks man! You're the best!

  20. Jean-Philippe Larocque

    Can I request a relatively unknown Boston song "Higher Power"? Thanks and love the videos!

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