John Mayer – Love on the Weekend GUITAR LESSON | Acoustic + Electric

This is a video tutorial on the song ‘Love on the Weekend’ by John Mayer. It’s his new single from the upcoming album!

I am showing you the acoustic and the electrical guitar. The chords, tabs and strumming are shown for in the intro, verses and choruses. even the bridge is covered!

Have fun and let’s hope it’ll be a great new album from John!


  1. What brand is your guitar brother?

  2. Love that you are doing John Mayer songs! Thanks for the great channel!!!

  3. John mayer- best blues player of our generation.
    Paul Davids best guitar YouTuber ever. Keep up the good work !

  4. Awesome tone & playing! Lol'd at the "nope" (a pity, right?). That bridge though, can't stop comparing it to A Kind of Magic :D

  5. If you play by yourself, play Gmaj to Gmaj9 to Cmaj7, goes along with the melody

  6. can u plz make a tutorial of Heavier Things-Something Missing

  7. Zieke Haar gitaar man! bevalt hij een beetje?

  8. thank you for the lesson

  9. damn dude you work fast. it hasn't even been 24 hours yet lmao

  10. Genial,

  11. I just wanna know what video software you use to do split screens, and that separate small video box.

  12. can you make guitar tutorial Why Georgia – John Mayer ?

  13. I love your Tutorials…And your voice.. i love everything on you<3

  14. That was fast! Good job.

  15. you're amazing

  16. Bro only hours after it came out lol

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