John Mayer- “Neon” Full Lesson

John Mayer-

Chords & rhythm technique for playing ‘Neon’. Note that you will develop your own style and picking patterns; this is simply what is comfortable to me.

It’s also not ‘Drop C’ tuning (whoops). Just… drop your low E string to a C.
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  1. i tune my guitar inn drop C and does not work

  2. Tried learning this 2 years ago and I'm finally going to give it another shot

  3. Clark Deumie gillio

    This isn’t how JM plays it

  4. Hmmm thumb yoga. Quite a satisfying riff once your thumb realizes it CAN stretch that far.

  5. My fingers are hardcore cramping

  6. Lol my fingers are bleeding but my ears are in heaven

  7. Awesome vid bro thank you very much for posting

  8. So, I think that was awesome. But to be totally honest I think you're missing some core notes in his riff. My interpretation is not perfect either, but I used the capo to deaden the harmonics a little bit and this was a LIFE SAFER for me. Cheaper guitars will sound like garbage on this song if you don't deaden those harmonics…

  9. Music is win brought me here.

  10. There's a transition after the second chord shape that you're missing.
    Your right hand technique is different from the way JM plays it but nice video regardless – clean sounding.

  11. we can see where you are placing your fingers.

  12. pretty cool got the idea now buz thank you..!

  13. thank full bro, it easy for practice..

  14. NOT DROP C

  15. is it just me, or your explanation of the picking pattern in the beginning is missing a couple of notes? because right after you explain it, you play the picking pattern with two extra notes.

  16. anyone else struggling with that Fm11 chord?

  17. A great tutorial! 🙂 i especially like when u put out the chords on screen and not only telling how to hold em

  18. What did you use to record the guitar. You can hear an echo and it sounds legit as heck, m8.

  19. hello.. can anybody help me how to tune.. i don't know how.. really want to learn neon sooo bad 🙁

  20. RIP my hands

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