John Mayer "New Light" Acoustic Guitar Lesson

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Hello friends,
Welcome back to Swiftlessons for another by request song tutorial. In today’s session I’ve broken down the chord progressions and strumming patterns for John Mayer’s 2019 hit “New Light.” In this lesson we’ll learn how to play through the complete tune, and mimic the transition riffs performed by the keyboard player on the original track. Let’s get started!

Recording Equipment:
• Earthworks SR314 Vocal Microphone –
• Earthworks SR25 Instrument Microphone –
• MOTU 1248 Audio Interface –

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  1. I submitted a request but I just wanted to say ,please teach the song “here comes the MOON”by George Harrison,it’s such a beautiful song I want to play for people so pleaseeeeee read me

  2. Superb teaching..

  3. You are my favourite guitar teacher on YouTube. Schwartz and other guys are great but yours and lets play guitar are the top channels for people wanting to sing as well. Unfortunately let’s play guitar seems to never post anymore. Please continue posting and if you have Instagram can I follow you? I looked up #swiftlessons and nothing came up so maybe you don’t have it

  4. C'est très beau! On dirait la voix de Cat Stevens dans les années 70.

  5. Nic lesson

  6. The ‚make a new world together‘ was quite awesome!

  7. Yes! Finally my favorite song of 2018. I’ve always wanted to learn how to play this somehow. Thanks!!

  8. Wow your voice is super cool. Like Cat.

  9. So are the only people who care about being first 12 year olds, or is there some kind of sad sense of accomplishment when you're first to a youtube video

  10. plz subscribe my channrl

  11. The starting demo wasn’t necessary but after you perform I think I was wrong! Awesome job

  12. Iharilanto Montaigne

    I didn't know this song, but it's a very great and rich lesson. Thank you so much !

  13. londe lapate vines

    Amazing sir

  14. I am always up for some more John Mayer! Quite an amazing and prolific songwriter and composer indeed. Great and informative lesson as always!

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