John Mayer – “New Light” EASY ACOUSTIC Open Chords Guitar Lesson/Play Along (tutorial)

Check out this strumming training video to help you:
My Lesson on the Guitar Solo:
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Guitar is an ALL SOLID Sapele Eastman like this:

Pickup is an LR Baggs M80:

Vocal mic is a Rode NT1:

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  1. Hey Everyone! This is a simplified basic chord version of the song. Although all the chords are correct, if you know Am7, D7 and Gmaj7 you can try those in place of the basic Am, D and G. The G major 7 sounds especially nice on the G that happens at :12 and then that same part elsewhere in the song. Happy playing!

  2. how do you strum perfectly

  3. thank you!!!!

  4. Do you think you could make one without the guitar and the vocals, in order to use it as a backing track?

  5. Lot Quiroz Morales

    Que gran trabajo!!! saca más covers!!! saludos !! have fun!

  6. It's awesome! Thankyou sm

  7. Great tutorial!

  8. Amazing tutorial. Thank you 🙂

  9. awesome, thanks for the lesson.

  10. Hey Gary, thanks for posting this! Do you have a timeline of when your guitar music theory online course will be available? Thanks again!

  11. It is so usefull.. thankyou

  12. That's a great tutorial and cover! Well made video, i hope you can keep it up :).

  13. Parfait merci :0

  14. Thank you bros!

  15. niccolis niccolis

    super as always! Wonderful tutorial!

  16. dommage que ce n est pas en Français , tu es vraiment top

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