John Mayer Slow Dancing In A Burning Room Guitar Lesson Chords & Riff How To Play JustinGuitar

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In this guitar lesson tutorial we’re going to learn how to play Slow Dancing In A Burning Room by John Mayer, an awesome electric guitar song (cool on acoustic too!), that’s not too tricky to get going on, but the subtle bits can be pretty challenging.

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  1. Please do a solo video!!! You are the best on YouTube!!

  2. Great lesson but after five years of private tuition I realise it’s time to give up. You completely lost me on that A chord malarkey and whatever I play with that fingering sounds totally wrong, but everybody else seems to have got it.. Time to realise when something isn’t for you! Good lesson though

  3. can this be played on an acoustic?


  5. Hi Justin. I love listening your version, John”s lyrics doesn”t resonate with my state of mind. I am changing them to be positive and I can sing them. Thank you for this.

  6. mannnnnn keep playing that was beautiful i can listen to u play this song all day long

  7. and why arent you explaining what string you are plucking?

  8. Lucky me, my thumb is retarded and can do anything

  9. Is the 5th string tuned?

  10. Justin … you are an angel… i started learning guitar with your amazing videos cause where i live there isn't actually any good teachers and all those online classes are next to worthless for a beginner. … that being said, u are still helping, i google something that i want to learn and first video that pops up is yours. you are amazing. thanks bredren stay awesome. <3

  11. Damit! Why the hell does everyone use their thumb.

  12. Killed it

  13. DO THE SOLO!

  14. shut up and play the song, stop teaching this other useless irrelevant information I don't need to know and that's wasting my time

  15. Thanks a lot

  16. Please do a Cortez the killer by Neel young lesson

  17. very well explained! i’ve played this song wrong for months!! i thought my ear was good enough but i ended up just playing an incomplete harder to play version

  18. Justin, you're awesome. Have a great Christmas!

  19. So, actually, this is simply beyond excellent; this is so clearly explained and demonstrated.
    Justin is so ridiculously talented (after years of practice), that you can't tell what an excellent player he really is; it's because he makes it look effortless.
    He is an instructor who leaves no doubt that he wants you to learn this, it's that way in all his teaching.

    I say, I can't say thank you enough for doing this for all of us.
    Thank you thank you thank you thank you.

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