John Mayer Slow Dancing in a Burning Room Guitar Lesson + Tutorial

Hey guys! Bringing you an electric guitar lesson for Slow Dancing in a Burning Room by John Mayer. Check it out!

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  1. Thanks for watching and supporting MartyMusic! I also have tons of free courses at my site

  2. Hello Marty, your channel is so amazing, I'm happy I found you here.
    Could you please give us the tabs of the way you played that?

    All the best from Germany!! 🙂

  3. Fuck I love Marty Schwarts. Another great turtorial. Thanks my man!

  4. Am i bad at guitar or is it just me who finds this guy shit at tutoirals

  5. Fantastic Video! Fantastic job on this video.

  6. HR!T & Kaustav

    Do you provide skype lesson ?
    I wish I could learn from you 1:1.

  7. If you're having trouble using your first and ring on that high part, use your first and middle, it's made it a lot easier for me.

  8. JJ Guitar Metronome band

    New deep lesson thak your

  9. Publicenemy961

    My dude you’re talking too much.

  10. Are the tabs to this in the Guitar Tabs ap or do you have tabs in Patreon if a member? I absolutely love this, and will learn it, even though it is challenging. I have been playing for some years, and think I am finally up to this …may take a year though. 🙂

  11. This makes no fucking sense learn to teach

  12. say it ain’t soooooo o o oooo!!

  13. I started guitar like 4 months ago and I have just learned this wonderful riff by John Mayer, it made my day ! Thx Marty !

  14. Is this for the whole song?

  15. run run ruuuun

  16. Jasper hartney

    Wow, having ADHD and Depression can make it so hard to learn songs…

  17. Whew, I was starting to freak out that I taught my student the wrong thing today, thank you!

  18. This is lowkey hard

  19. What reverb pedal was used? 🙂

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