John Mayer – Slow Dancing in A Burning Room – Guitar Lesson Tutorial – How to Play

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  1. Too focused on showing off his scales

  2. Which Divided by 13 combo model is this please:))

  3. 12:00 I think it's the 2nd one. Not sure tho but I think that's why I hear

  4. Thanks Marty. You have helped me more than anybody else. Good to see people dealing with the trolls for you.

  5. This dude sucks, go watch a better lesson somewhere else

  6. I''ll fuck somebody up, me.

  7. I feel kinda bad for not paying marty for being my guitar instructor. The amount of songs I learned from this guy is unreal.

  8. Stop noodling and showing your skills and teach the damn song. Shit man!

  9. Almost all your songs are wrong lol

  10. I love you for this…as someone just getting back into playing this video is a dream.

  11. This tutorial seems to be more aimed toward an audience with a lot of guitar experience. I would still consider myself a beginner, but I know all the basic chords and notes on the fret board, and all the pentatonic scales. Even with that, this was a bit hard for me to follow.

  12. …worth watching just for the "glue" at 11:23.

  13. Marty I love your tutorials and they have have helped me SO much over the years but this is an exception. I had a lot of trouble understanding what you were playing in certain parts and took me about 20 minutes of playing around on the neck each time to get it right. But other than that. Another great tutorial.

  14. u give the best instruction for me. after just watching u i can go play the songs pretty much cuz your pace is perfect for my level. ibdont know theory or chords but can play anything i watch . thx man

  15. Very unhelpful

  16. "He plays like a robot"
    "You play like an amputee"
    "I know what I'm talking about because I play guitar"
    "Fucking illiterate child"

    Holy shit bruh the man is teaching us john mayer isn't that good enough like I'm trying to masturbate here let people play the way they play ya fuuuuuuuckkkkk

  17. Hey Martin !! awesome tutorial dude…can you tell me the amp setting to use for that tone?

  18. Is learning the CAGED system helpful?

  19. thanks again for another great lesson

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