John Mayer – Slow Dancing In A Burning Room | Guitar Lesson (Tutorial) How to play Live version

Slow Dancing In A Burning Room by John Mayer Guitar Lesson. Tutorial with easy chords and no capo is used (Standard Tuning). Have fun playing this song!

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  1. What other John Mayer songs do you like? 🙂

  2. Amazing lesson, AMAZING TEACHER, and a new SUBSCRIBERS!!!!!

  3. Can you do a tutorial on silence by marshmellow and Khalid please??? I've seen some really good arrangements but no tutorials and really would like to learn it

  4. João Vinicius Vieira

    Idk what your pressing plus I'm brasilian .. have no idea. And also begginer .. 3 times Harder and it's turning IMPOSSÍVEL!!
    Can you show with cifras .. like whick cord your fingers are pressing?


  6. I love your guitar it sounds so nice

  7. can you teach try and love again

  8. great lesson but it would be so awesome to see a fingerstyle lesson for this one too

  9. if youre having trouble fretting two strings while wrapping your thumb (the c minor at the ninth fret), you can use index + middle finger on 2nd and 3rd string, ring finger on 4th string 11th fret , and muting 5th string, thumb wrapped on 9th fret 6th string.

  10. My god sir, you spent a minute talking about how to mute strings.

  11. You are incredible! Thank you for all of the tutorials. Can you please do Lovesong by Adele?

  12. More john mayer vibey licks please!

  13. Roman Luna-Goddard

    Do Neon Please!!!!! If you can 🙂

  14. great lesson mate, thnx a lot for this1

  15. Can you please do 'long way from home' by the lumineers?. Great tutorial btw, love every second of it. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.

  16. Rohan Thomas Abraham


  17. John Mayer has large mitts

  18. Man you play this without any emotion doesn't sound very good

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